Test File Generator For Any Size GBs or TBs

Don’t see your test file with the required size on our main page? No worries, we have a test file generator tool for you that can help you generate a dummy file of any size up to 100s of GBs or TBs (terabytes). Our dummy file generator tool generates files locally which means downloading will be much quicker and faster.


All of our test files comply with IEC and ISQ standards means that 1 KiB = 1024 bytes while 1 KB = 1000 bytes and so on. With our tool, you can generate a file size of bytes, KiB, MiB, GiB, KB, MB, GB, and TB.


All you have to do is to enter your required test file information (file size, file name, and size unit like KB, MB, GB) in the form below and click the ‘Generate & Download’ button. It will generate and download your test file immediately.


Note: As our tool generates files on the fly and locally, these files can’t be tested for internet speed. To test internet speed with a test dummy file, please go to our main page where we have test files uploaded to really high-speed servers.


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